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 MP3 Track £0.75  FLAC Track £1  WAV Track £1.25
New Zealand’s Trei and Finland’s L.A.O.S. (Large Amount Of Soul) team up to deliver a blazing twelve-inch. Having both made names for themselves individually on prestigious labels such as Hospital Records, Spearhead Recordings, Shogun Ltd, Critical Music, and Commercial Suicide, Trei & L.A.O.S. now make their debut on Viper VIP in grand style with the hauntingly soulful, but equally banging, ‘The Light’. Going heavier on the flip, ‘The Light’ is backed by a solo effort by Trei, unforgettably entitled ‘Mumbo Jumbo’, a bongo-filled, dancefloor killer which will make you think you’ve landed smack in the middle of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western, while leaving a dusty trail of sweaty ravers in its wake.

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